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Master3DGage PCMM for 3D inspection     


Master3DGage's handy, quick-mount CMM system allows easy setup for on-demand measurement and inspections anywhere on the shop floor. Use Master3DGage™ right on your machine to verify parts quickly, in process, without removing or repositioning them.


Master3DGage™ makes any 3D inspection easy

Finish typical inspections, such as blueprint, in-process, incoming, first article and final inspections, quickly—with surprising ease and accuracy. Measurement reports are generated automatically, in industry standard formats, so you can know immediately whether parts are in or out of tolerance.


See Master3DGage in action:

Align, Inspect, Report—simple, repeatable three-step process

: Quickly automate alignment by picking targets
              on CAD features (datums).

   Run the routine by probing each target on the part.
   The Master3DGage™ software walks you through the
   process with simple, step-by-step instructions.


Inspect: Inspect and view in real time by manually probing or by following automated inspection plans. Easily measure features from precise single points to point clouds. Powerful software technology displays variance between the 3D model and the part.



  Report: Using the 3D CAD model as the nominal
  definition, the system quickly generates custom
  reports in industry standard formats, including
  GD&T constraints and color deviation maps, for
  clear, practical analysis.


   No metrology experience needed

   With Master3DGage™, simplicity and ease of use are designed right in,
   so that even those with little or no metrology experience can get up to
   speed quickly. Controls and interface are easy and straightforward, so
   users spend less time scrolling through screens and more time making
   quality parts.


Ultra–accurate, six-axis metrology for precise 3D inspections

Master3DGage™ features an integrated Hexagon Metrology, six-axis CMM—among the world's most accurate—offering a remarkable measuring volume of just 1.2m. This feature provides superior dimensional control of parts, tooling, molds, castings and more.

Powered by Verisurf's world-class, model-based software, Master3DGage™ maintains precise digital workflow, from the start of your inspection to the end. The ability to precisely pinpoint and resolve quality issues in real time helps reduce scrap, improve efficiency and boost the productivity of every machine.

Bottom line? With the new Master3DGage™ you'll do more work, with less rework—because both process and results are repeatable, even during high-volume production.

Download the Master3DGage™ PDF and White-paper

Productivity-minded machine shops seeking an affordable, best-in-class CMM will find everything they need in Master3DGage. Powered by Verisurf's industry-leading inspection software.


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