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Why Choose SpaceClaim?

• SpaceClaim is the fastest solid modeler available, letting you process more ideas more 
   quickly and interact directly with your customers
• Only SpaceClaim has Pull, Move, Fill, and Combine, the easiest way to do 3D 
• Never experience rebuild errors or struggle with complicated constraints. Leave those
   problems with traditional CAD


New Performance Advantages with ANSYS™ SpaceClaim 2016:

Reverse Engineering

  • The new Skin Surface Tool easily allows reverse engineering of highly organic shapes within SpaceClaim. Easily fit complex surfaces through faceted data.
  • Reverse engineering with a few mouse clicks. Connect highly organic shapes with a few surface patches, or blend period loops together easier than ever. It's one button, but it contains several built in workflows.

3D Printing

  • The new Shinkwrap Tool instantly cleans up models for 3D printing by creating a watertight, regular faceting around selected bodies.
  • Prepare extremely noisy scanned data or poor quality CAD files for printing in seconds, not hours or days.

Design & General Enhancements

  • Several enhancements include locking dimensions, enhanced navigation, a bidirectional link to Keyshot, and translator improvements.
  • Users have added control and security of model changes with locked dimensional control. Add to that improvements to navigation, and you'll immediately notice the speed gains. LiveLinking to Keyshot delivers a more efficient rendering experience. Since interoperability has expanded, more users can take advantage of Ansys SpaceClaim for more use cases.

Looking for more information regarding ANSYS™ SpaceClaim 2016?

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