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Verisurf Support Overview

Verisurf / Master3DGage Technical Support Overview

Please use support in the following order:

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1)  Documentation: Verisurf is two pieces of software working together. You will likely find the Mastercam Installation Guide, Transition Guide (if migrating from an earlier version) and the Getting Started Guide for the current version helpful for the first steps of installation and familiarization of your Verisurf system. Visit Verisurf for up to date files and download instructions. 

2) Verisurf Built-In Help: Verisurf has a built-in Help System that is a great resource. Each operations tab has a linked help function and a reference guide which are the question mark and book symbols. All the reference guides can be accessed from the Verisurf drop down at the top under “user manuals.” 

3) E-mail: You can send MCX, MCX-5, MCX-6, MCX-7, or MCX-8 files to Make sure that your e-mail explains the problem completely, includes your SIM #, name, company name and the version of Verisurf that you are running. If your email is in regards to an existing customer service case, please be sure to include the HQ# in the subject line to expedite your case.

4) For Phone Support:

.............MCAM NorthWest Technical Support
.............(503) 653-5332
.............8am to 5pm – Monday through Friday

Calls will be answered in the order they are received. If no one is available for immediate assistance you will be forwarded to our tech support voicemail. If your call is in regards to a customer service case that already exists, please be sure to include the HQ# in the voicemail to help us expedite your call. If you are in need of urgent help, (ie. Verisurf system is down), then please let the receptionist know this with your initial call.

5) For Email Support: MCAM Northwest Verisurf Support (please remember to include copies of any pertinent files in your email for faster service)

MCAM Northwest has implemented the following Verisurf support program:

Full Support / Updateable:*

Version X7 (Current Release) includes maintenance and non-maintenance customers
Version X6 (Previous Release) includes ONLY maintenance customers and 90 days from current version release date for non-maintenance customers

Limited Support:

On the following versions support is limited to hasp setup questions and response time is determined by availability.
Version X5 (Media Replacements available) 
Version X4 (Media Replacements available)
Version X3 (Media Replacements available) 

No Support / Updateable:

Version X2 (NO Media Replacement, NO support, Updateable)

No Support / Not Updateable:

On the following versions and all previous versions:
Version X (NO Media Replacement, NO Support, NOT Updateable)
Version 9 (NO Media Replacement, NO Support, NOT Updateable)
Version 8 (NO Media Replacement, NO Support, NOT Updateable)

*Note: Verisurf System Down Errors take precedence over other support.

Thank you in advance for understanding how our program works. This program will continue to help us achieve an efficient and timely return for technical support responses.

Verisurf System Requirements

Verisurf System Requirements